ebabel qsl network

Beta Success!

The Beta-Test period was a success thanks to you!! We accomplished various important milestones through our journey to become the QSLing of the future. The 3 months period Beta Event produced 160 users from 28 countries, 550K+ QSOs with 458 QSLs. Enough to get some metrics, fix bugs and make some research about better ways to improve the eBabel service. All these thanks to your feedbacks, comments and ideas, Bravo!!

The app was polished and moved to a Final Candidate stage (FC), we decide to continue as a FREE and OPEN app until December 31st, 2015 when we schedule to have a final product. The all-around improvements will continue, with main emphasis in this period on:

  • The integration with other systems (logging software and more commercial printers)
  • Producing reference material (videos, manuals and informative campaigns)
  • Seeking official clubs endorsement

Our primary objective is to give the amateur radio community a valid, modern and effective method of QSL exchange and QSO confirmation offering the most complete service possible.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!