Field Day Weekend is here!

The long waited Field Day is finally here! Are you excited? We are! And there is no better time to experience the eBabel system; lots of QSOs, fast QSLs and of course… the BBQ! That last one is on you :)

But maybe you're thinking, hey, this app is in beta test mode aren't I going to waste my time making all those uploads? The answer is No.

Here is the deal. At the end of the beta-test all the participants will have ALL their QSOs credits back again and their QSOs re-submitted automatically in the real environment in order to re-start the process under the official eBabel System regulations and security methodology. So you're not wasting your time, your investing it!

The timing is perfect! You have unlimited FREE uploads waiting for you, get them here. For more information visit us at: www.ebabel.net

Enjoy the Field Day 2015!