Beta Success!

The Beta-Test period was a success thanks to you!! We accomplished various important milestones through our journey to become the QSLing of the future. The 3 months period Beta Event produced 160 users from 28 countries, 550K+ QSOs with 458 QSLs. Enough to get some metrics, fix bugs and make some research about better ways to improve the eBabel service. All these thanks to your feedbacks, comments and ideas, Bravo!!

The app was polished and moved to a Final Candidate stage (FC), we decide to continue as a FREE and OPEN app until December 31st, 2015 when we schedule to have a final product. The all-around improvements will continue, with main emphasis in this period on:

  • The integration with other systems (logging software and more commercial printers)
  • Producing reference material (videos, manuals and informative campaigns)
  • Seeking official clubs endorsement

Our primary objective is to give the amateur radio community a valid, modern and effective method of QSL exchange and QSO confirmation offering the most complete service possible.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!


Our Goal

The main goal of eBabel is to become a universal QSL exchange and confirmation system offering their users a valid, traceable, high quality QSL card suitable for later awards submission.

We pretend to offer one confirmation system suitable to all the needs of our users and any award-granting organization.

The eBabel platform is not just an electronic confirmation system, its design contemplates a QSO blind match that generates a serialized QSL card delivered by third-party printing systems (to resemble the regular mail or bureau), making it traceable and auditable by any club using an audit trail tool created for that purpose. We pretend to offer one confirmation system suitable to all the needs of our users and any award-granting organization.  Read More

Field Day Weekend is here!

The long waited Field Day is finally here! Are you excited? We are! And there is no better time to experience the eBabel system; lots of QSOs, fast QSLs and of course… the BBQ! That last one is on you :)

But maybe you're thinking, hey, this app is in beta test mode aren't I going to waste my time making all those uploads? The answer is No.

Here is the deal. At the end of the beta-test all the participants will have ALL their QSOs credits back again and their QSOs re-submitted automatically in the real environment in order to re-start the process under the official eBabel System regulations and security methodology. So you're not wasting your time, your investing it!

The timing is perfect! You have unlimited FREE uploads waiting for you, get them here. For more information visit us at:

Enjoy the Field Day 2015!


eBabel en EchoLink

Queremos invitar a todos nuestros amigos radioaficionados de España y de habla hispana este próximo domingo, 21 de junio a que se conecten con nosotros vía EchoLink a las 15:00h UTC por EA8SPAIN en "Net de la Tecnología". Estaremos hablando todo sobre el sistema de eBabel.

¿No tienes EchoLink? Puedes descargarlo aquí.

¡Los esperamos!


eBabel: The New Way of QSLing

Last week (June 1st), the eBabel System was launched to the general public. This unprecedented web app for the ham radio community is fast, traceable and secure establishing a new way of QSLing. We are happy to announce that launch week was a huge success bringing together many fellow hams from around the globe. They are IN for the TEST, are you?

QSL Studio View

QSL Studio View

View of Archive Section

View of Archive Section

Join the Open Beta Test Event and be part of our fast-growing ham community. It's FREE! Try this exciting way of QSLing today:

For more information:


View of Profile Screen

View of Profile Screen